Assisted dying

There is a moving and well-reasoned article in the British Medical Journal in favour of a change in the law to enable assisted dying with appropriate safeguards; see  McClelland, L. 2012;345:e6201.


Dr McClelland should be congratulated for her article and many doctors will empathise with her narrative. I am confident it will add to the debate with society that is urgently needed.


A change in the law to enable a person to choose assisted dying would respect the autonomy of that person and be consistent with the ethical principle of beneficence. I hope each country in the United Kingdom will change the law to enable assisted dying to be an option at the end of life.  


Some medical professionals have genuine ethical principles against assisted dying and I respect their views while disagreeing with them. Unfortunately there are other medical professionals who oppose assisted dying because it would threaten their power and status and I do not respect them.


Disclosure of interest:

I am a member of Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying

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